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Leaving your Legacy in Good Hands
Planning with a Trust

A Trust is a private document that establishes instructions for management and the transfer of property, both during incapacity and death. This document is drafted in much more detail than a Will and is used most often to convey estate assets privately, without the involvement of Probate Court.


How does a Trust work?
After a Trust is drafted and signed, the people who wrote the Trust (the Grantors) must change the ownership of most of their property/accounts into the name of the Trust in order for those rules and protections to apply. Some assets should be transferred immediately – typically bank accounts and real estate. Other assets would be transferred at the time of the Grantor’s death through beneficiary designation – most often those would be proceeds from Life Insurance Policies and Retirement Accounts.


Creating a prosperous future for loved ones. Estate planning consultations are free, however, there is a fee charged for Elder Law, Probate and Trust Administration consultations.