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Creating Peace of Mind by Stating the Plan for the Court to Follow
Preparing a Will
A will is a set of instructions for the Probate Court to follow after a person has passed away. It is used to designate how, when and to whom your assets will pass at your death. In addition, a Will identifies proposed guardians for your minor children and instructions on how best to manage the assets left for them. Also, it names an Executor to pay final bills and expenses and distribute the assets as stated in the Will. Probate Court may become complicated, lengthy, and expensive, depending upon the value of the assets in the estate and whether there are disagreements. Consult an estate planning attorney to minimize conflict and clearly state your wishes through a Will.

Planning for Minor Beneficiaries
A Will is the only document that names proposed guardians for your minor children or individuals with disabilities who are dependent on you for care. The Will informs the Court who should care for your dependents and guidelines for that care. It also may provide a responsible individual who would manage the child’s inheritance and how the assets should be disbursed. A Will can provide for the disbursement of assets to family members with special needs without disrupting government benefits. It can also provide asset management for loved ones who might not have proper money management skills or who may need future protection from creditors or divorce.


Gain peace of mind about the future of those you love as we plan together. Estate planning consultations are free, however, there is a fee charged for Elder Law, Probate and Trust Administration consultations.